Deposit and Withdrawal in Online Bookmakers

These days there seem to be as many different payment methods out there as there are bookmakers and deciding which is best for you can seem a challenge. You want to ensure that paying money in and taking your winnings out is done as quickly as possible, you aren’t caught by any sneaky charges, and above all, your money is safe.

Well the good news is that with so many options there will almost always be one that suits your needs. Luckily we are here to help. While it would be impossible to go through every individual payment company, we have grouped and explained the most commonly used options, to make your decision, that much easier.

Debit Cards

The most common form of payment and with good reason. Debit cards are obviously linked to big banks and so are incredibly reputable sources. As such they are almost universally accepted by online bookmakers and so often provide the easiest method and payment. Unlike credit cards you can only deposit when you have the available funds and so debit cards are a much less risky option, with no chance of you overspending and racking up a challenging amount of debt.

Credit Cards

Like debit cards, credit cards are an extremely secure method of payment and are undoubtedly reliably. The only downside is that unlike debit cards it is very easy to overspend. While this is a very convenient option for a lot of people make sure you don’t get carried away if you are using credit cards as your primary payment method. Some countries are cracking down on credit card usage for this very reason, for example the UK outlawed credit cards as a payment option in April 2020 to prevent over-enthusiastic gamblers spending beyond their means.


With leading companies like Neteller and Skrillex Ewallets have become a popular form of payment for betting sites. Linked to your credit or debit cards these methods are secure so long as you make sure you go with a reputable company.

The only real downside of using a payment method like this is that certain bookmakers or casinos will no accept these payment methods for their welcome bonuses, so you may have to go with something else at first before moving over to your EWallet.

Crypto Currencies

The new kid on the block, cryptocurrencies are not yet accepted by all online betting options, but for those they are they offer a secure and instant method of payment so that you always know where you stand. If your bookmaker allows it, and you use a secure cryptocurrency, there really isn’t any reason you shouldn’t use this novel payment method.


PaySafeCards appeal to a lot of people because they allow you to deposit money to an online bookmaker without passing over your bank details or even having a registered bank account.

While we understand the appeal of this and how it could be used as a method to limit payments and spending, only using what you put on your card, the fact that you cannot withdraw your winnings without an alternative method means that we at Bookies For You recommend going with another option to maintain a healthy and enjoyable gambling experience.

Bank Transfers

One of the oldest methods of payment, you always know with a bank transfer your money will be secure and it is a reliable method to both deposit and withdraw funds. That being said it can often be a much more time consuming payment option than other popular routes, sometimes taking a week or more to withdraw your winnings. This is further hindered by the fact that you will actually be charged for withdrawals by many casinos, and means that overall we cannot recommend this method of payment.